Founded in 1996 by Michel Dupras and Linda Morency, Dumotech Industrial Products specializes in manufacturing and distributing products and hardware for the mining industry. Based in Rouyn-Noranda, the company maintains strong relationships with numerous large-scale clients by producing reliable, robust, and industry-specific parts.


In 1999, Luc Hamelin purchased the company and continued its mission while maintaining its focus on product quality and service. Dumotech Industrial Products continued to grow with the hiring of two employees. The company affirmed its reputation and expertise throughout the region, primarily by relying on one key element: its talented individuals.


In June 2021, Dumotech Industrial Products reached a new milestone in its history by welcoming a group of individuals as shareholders. Ghislain Roy, Alexandre Labonté, and Geneviève GrandBois joined Luc Hamelin, enabling the company to expand by adding a range of products. Today, Dumotech Industrial Products continues to innovate while maintaining its commitment to quality and service.

Notre mission : To deliver a quality product that protects the lives and assets of our clients.



Loyalty is a fundamental value for us, demonstrated through sincerity, reliability, honesty, and trust. We are dedicated to our colleagues and clients. You can count on us to honour our commitments.


More than just a word, respect is shown every day. We value self-respect, respect for others, respect for the environment, respect for differences, and respect for everyone's well-being.


Our commitment to the team occurs through our solidarity with others. We anticipate needs, care for others, and act for the common good. Each individual contributes in their way to the network that strengthens our relationships.


We operate truthfully towards our colleagues and clients, acknowledging and taking responsibility for our mistakes. We highlight achievements, whether they are our own or those of others. We communicate with simplicity and honesty. We are committed to being transparent with our employees.